Listed below are documents prepared as part of the study. It includes draft reports, meeting summaries, and other reports prepared by the Consultant Team.
 TitleCategorySizeCreated Date
Business Workshop QuestionnairesScanned PDF1.62 MB2/4/2013
Community Workshop QuestionnairesScanned PDF2.02 MB2/4/2013
Do-It-Yourself Kit QuestionnairesScanned PDF2.78 MB3/8/2013
Draft Comprehensive Plan for Public ReviewDraft Plan DocumentUnknown8/7/2014
Existing Conditions SummaryInterim Deliverable29.56 MB5/9/2013

Links & Resources

Listed below are relevant community links and past planning documents undertaken by the Town.
City of Council BluffsLink
1994 Comprehensive PlanPast Plans & Studies
Downtown PlanPast Plans & Studies